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Organizations consider eligibility and suitability criteria when it comes to people decisions such as team selection and matching people to jobs or jobs to people. Eligibility criteria are about skills, qualifications and experience. Suitability criteria are about behavioral tendencies, temperament and aptitude. While both criteria are seen as equally important, eligibility is more used than the suitability criteria, because eligibility is apparent and easier to measure. Suitability is not.. and here in lie the root cause of fitment issues, that Organizations struggle to grapple with. Experienced People Professionals do due diligence to both eligibility and suitability criteria.

Belbin Team Roles Reports help in predicting what's in store when a new member gets inducted into a team, or when a team is formed. The Team Role Report produced by the Interplace7 System serves to get a sneak preview into how the individual, the team, and the task assigned will suit one another. Download a Complimentary Sample Report here.

This is NOT about the eligibility of a person to perform a particular task. This is about how the person and the nature of the job will suit each other. Please contact us to know more about how Belbin Reports can help you here.

Read on or contact us to have a Belbin Accredited CERT Lanka Consultant call you back on how we can partner with you in transforming the performance of individuals and teams in your workplace, in ways that are sustainable and enduring.