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Case Study 1

Stated need: We are an internal IT Team doing ERP work for our group companies and just want some profiling to be done

Real need: We are moving from a captive set up to a commercial set up. We need to build our own identity. We need to compete with the outside world. We need to perform. We need to become effective both at leadership level & at the individual level. We simply need to achieve results

The Solution: The 3 key aspects

The 4 Step Process:

STEP 1: A half a day with the key stakeholders on : Identifying the real issues which impact the team performance | Identifying the organizational & individual factors in a broad way | Zeroing on the need for team thinking, team chemistry and team behavior | Understanding the vision of the team / operations over the next 12-18 months

STEP 2: A 2 day offsite Belbin Team Role workshop on 'Building A High Performance Customer Centric Team: Action planning - individual personal effectiveness improvement | Short term team projects and activities in workplace

STEP 3: A one day review including achievement orientation - Main focus on personal effectiveness and changes in personal behaviour and getting ready to be achievement driven

STEP 4: A one day review - Main focus on team working & team performance, creating indicators for self & monitoring and individualized short coaching.

The Outcome: Reviewed the capability of the existing team members who are strong RIs and developing them for business development. Planning to recruit more RIs to fuel sales | I have started using the teams profiles to assess new and existing project teams and also to understand the challenges and issues that each team member faces | I keep tabs on my profile vis-a-vis the different types of interactions I have during each business day | I also try to assess the other constituents of the meetings and interactions that I am involved in.

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