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Case Study 2

Stated need: 'We have an issue between two manufacturing plants and mainly it is one person, the Head of a Plant. The people have been working for years together, we did some team building sessions, but it had no effect. What do we do' - A large company where the Organisation Structural Change has led to people and performance issue

Real need: We need people to go beyond knowing each other to working with each other | We need them to work in a matrix set up and work effectively without being told or supervised and on time | At the Departmental Head level, the maturity needs to be built | The Plant Head is a great performer - Technically - but should become ' more matured'

The Solution: The 3 key aspects

The 5 Step Process:

STEP 1: Half day with the key stakeholders on : Identifying the real issues which impact the team performance | Identifying the organizational & individual factors in a broad way | Zeroing on the need for team thinking, team chemistry and team behavior

STEP 2: A 2 day offsite Belbin Team Role workshop on 'Building A High Performance Team: Action planning - individual personal effectiveness improvement | Short term team projects and activities in the workplace.

STEP 3: Half day review: Main focus on personal effectiveness & changes in personal behavior.

STEP 4: Half day review: Main focus on team working & team performance.

STEP 5: Half day review & creating a team performance indicator for self and collective monitoring .

The Outcome:

Problem Solution
The design was not meeting industrial safety standard Took help of ____ whose strength is PL (PLANT) & decided to have one new place for a specific infrastructure , which will meet industry safety standards & also fulfill space requirements for removal of equipment for maintenance. No major expenditure involved. Saved USD 10000.
Casted Cooling Tower's Basin was mismatched for FRP CT Structure. Lack of communication (Drawings Revisions) Involved ____ & ____ whose strength is TW (TEAM WORKER). Resolved the issue in co-ordination with Consultant and Supplier. No major revenue expenditure. Saved USD 10000

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