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The Belbin Global Symposium @ Cambridge

The bi annual Belbin Symposium concluded at the Jesus College in Cambridge (UK) on 24th September 2014.

The two day event was well attended by Belbin Regional Representatives & Distributors from 25 Countries all over the world. This global gathering is an opportunity for delegates to personally interact with Dr Meredith Belbin, Nigel Belbin and the Belbin Associates Team, and also amongst themselves, as they share success stories and learning experiences.

On day one of the event, Jo Keeler presented the big picture of Belbin for the future. Barrie Watson spoke about the value of InterplaceSystem buying for customers. Jo and Barrie unveiled the multi-language Belbin account and Victoria Bird and Stuart Kelly explained the architecture. Tom Robson facilitated a group discussion on principles of cross-country / language working. Dr Meredith Belbin spoke about the DNA of Successful Organizations. The learning & sharing continued over drinks & dinner, that evening.

Dr Meredith Belbin addressing the symposium
Dr Meredith Belbin addressing the symposium

TheBelbin Associates Team with CERT Lanka: L to R: Vicky, Deborah,Stuart, Barrie, Peter, Nigel, Ravi and Jo
TheBelbin Associates Team with CERT Lanka: L to R: Vicky, Deborah,Stuart, Barrie, Peter, Nigel, Ravi and Jo

The second day was dedicated to insightful understanding of how to help Customers get the most out of Belbin Profile Reports. John Burns chaired the deliberations, supported by Deborah McGovern and Jo Keeler. Dr Javier Marcos dwelt at length on How Belbin can be used to increase the effectiveness of Sales Teams. Elwyn Thomas illustrated applications of Belbin Methodology in Change Management and Knowledge Sharing. In the afternoon there was a GetSet Overview presented by Peter Lancaster and Victoria Bird, followed by a very interactive discussion by all delegates on overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities in their respective markets. Winston Pond shared the the remarkable success of Belbin in New Zealand and the way he has built a strong practitioner community The symposium closed with summing up by John Burns.

All in all it was a great meeting of minds in the picturesque historical Jesus College Campus in Beautiful Cambridge.

(Released on 19th November 2014. CERT Team Development Lanka P Ltd.