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Interplace 7

What is interplace 7?

If you are looking to introduce Belbin within your organisation, or just want to have the right reports at your fingertips, then our Interplace 7 System is for you!

Interplace 7 analyses three decades of continuing Belbin Team Role research data to generate a range of meaningful Team Role Reports by processing inputs from self perception and observer assessments. Interplace 7 measures suitability rather than eligibility.

What are the inputs to the Interplace 7 System? What outputs does it generate?

The Interplace 7 System receives four kinds of inputs:

  • Self-Perception: Respondents select and weight statements which they think accurately describe their behavior in a team.
  • Observer Assessments: Peers, team members, associates and or superiors select the adjectives which best describe the person being assessed.
  • Job Requirements: Sixteen critical factors of a job are rated in relation to people characteristics
  • Job Observations: Identifying essential characteristics that enable and disable success in a particular job.

The Interplace 7 System generates the following outputs:

Belbin Team Role Report: Identifies which combination of the nine Team Roles an individual exhibits. Comes full of personalized direction and advice for that individual and for his or her manager. Outputs include: Team Role Summary Descriptions | Team Role Overview | Analysis of Team Role Composition | Comparing Self & Observer Perceptions |Your Team Role Preferences | Team Role Feeback | Maximising Your Potential | Feedback & Development suggestions | Observed Team Role Strengths & Weaknesses | List of Observer Responses | Suggested work styles | Glossary of Terms.

Belbin Team / Group Report: Identifies how groups of Individuals will perform together. Outputs include: Overview of Team / Group Composition | Team Contributions | Team Role Circle | Individuals in the Team / Group | Strong examples of Team Roles | Team Role Averages | Overall Observer Responses.

Belbin Working Relationship Report: Highlights the differences between two people, and takes into account their professional relationship. It includes some questions to be considered if those two individuals are working together.

Belbin Job Report: Defines a particular job in terms of Belbin Team Roles. Outputs include: Job Specification | Job Expectations | List of Observer Words for Jobs | Individual / Job Comparison - Suitability for the Job.

What is an Interplace 7 Account ? What does it include ?

Owning an Interplace 7 Account gives you the ability to create your own Belbin Team Role Reports, as and when you need them.

You decide whether to add Observer Assessments, to whom the reports should be e-mailed, who should be in each Team Report, whether to compare individuals to a Job Profile....the list is (almost) endless. The key factor is that you only pay for the Belbin Individual Reports. All the other Reports are included free of charge.

The Interplace 7 Account also provides you with a wide range of background information so that, as a facilitator, you feel confident to use the Belbin Reports. With eight other Reports available to you as well as free resources, the Interplace 7 Account is your one-stop shop for Belbin reporting.

If you are looking to leverage Belbin for an Organization that has more than 200 people, it would be ideal for you to purchase an Interplace 7 Account.

Here is what an Interplace 7 Account comes with:

200 Belbin Individual Reports

Many other types of Report, all included free of charge (unlimited usage)

  • 7-page Belbin Team Reports <15 people
  • 5-page Belbin Team Reports >15 people
  • 1-page Belbin Working Relationship Reports (with variants depending on the reporting structure)
  • 3-page Belbin Job Reports
  • 2-page Belbin Job Suitability Report
  • 3 presentations that can be used with or without Dr Meredith Belbin's voiceover

12 handouts to print and use as needed

Access to sample reports

Access to nine 10 minute video clips explaining each of the nine Team Roles (great for 1:1 coaching)

Ability to add your company logo to the reports

And much more!

How is the utilization of an Interplace 7 Account measured ?

An Interplace 7 Account comes with 200 lives. A life is deducted each time a self-perception input is saved on the system. No lives are deducted for addition of observer assessments, job requirements, job observations, or the processing and printing of reports. Additional lives maybe purchased when the initial 200 lives are used up.

In how many languages is the Interplace 7 System available?

Interplace 7 Admin Accounts & Reports are available in the following languages: Chinese (中文), Czech (Čeština), Estonian (Eesti), French (Français), Italian (Italiano), Polish (Polski), Romanian (Română), Spanish (Español), Swedish (Svenska) & Turkish (Türkçe). With soon to follow: Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Russian & Slovak.

To know more about the Interplace 7 System, or about how you can buy your own Interplace 7 Account, please contact us.

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