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Our Values

Our values are our guiding light as we play our role in being credible partners in swinging sustainable and enduring transformation that our Clients seek.

Our CREED has sustained us through a decade of dedication to bringing Organizations to appreciate and leverage the language of BELBIN Team Roles. The growing number of BELBIN Practitioners in Lanka Inc, deepens our commitment to our CREED as we step into our next decade. What is our CREED?


We appreciate where our Clients are coming from, we value where they want to go, and we see ourselves as equal partners in making the journey happen.


We respect people. We respect our Client's choices about doing what they believe is right for their business and their people. Such respect helps us relate better with Clients, and enables deeper understanding of their challenges and opportunities.


Committed to give our Clients nothing but the best that they can find anywhere in the world, we invest substantial time and resource in rigorous upto date learning and practice of BELBIN concepts and their applications, directly from Dr. Belbin and his team.


Our strong bias for getting things done ensures we translate concepts into meaningful actions for our Clients, in ways that engage their leadership and their people to practice and internalize the change they seek.


Our work speaks for itself. Right from the first meeting to program design, delivery and follow through of implementation, we leave no stone unturned.. at times to the discomfort of the Client. Our respect for people is so staunch, we take no chances.

Our Leadership

Ravi Sundaram is Founder Director of CERT India & CERT Lanka. Ravi has three decades of rich experience in working with discerning business leaders worldwide. He founded CERT Team Development (India) P Ltd in 2005, out of a sheer passion to help Corporates in India & Lanka make the most of their people and teams. Ravi has worked closely with Dr Meredith Belbin, Barrie Watson and the senior leadership at Belbin UK. He is certified to conduct Belbin Accreditation Training. A distinguished alumnus of NIT Tiruchi and IIM(A), Ravi is also the Managing Director of Mercuri Goldmann (India) P Ltd.

Every time we partner with a Client, we see the power of BELBIN at work.. In how our teams bond together to create sustainable and enduring solutions that neither of us could have done only by ourselves. Nobody is perfect but a team can be.

Read on or contact us to have a Belbin Accredited CERT Lanka Consultant call you back on how we can partner with you in transforming the performance of individuals and teams in your workplace, in ways that are sustainable and enduring.