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People & Performance


  • Do some people with high qualifications fail to attain their full potential?
  • Do some people alienate their work colleagues?
  • Do some people find it difficult to communicate with others?
  • Do some people find work so unpleasant?
  • Do some people find it challenging to be productive?
  • Do some working relationships end up being less productive?
  • Do many groups of high performing individuals fail to make the transition to a high performing team?

Such challenges hinder performance in workplaces across the globe. These are not about eligibility criteria listed in job descriptions. These are not about how an individual performs as a single contributor. These are about the chemistry that kicks in when two or more individuals come together at work.

Apples and carrots blend well to make a nice piece of cake. Adding some eggs makes it better. How about some garlic? Is that an equivalent of a bull in a china shop?

So it happens in the workplace. Business leaders want super achievers on their teams, because they are entrusted with building high performance teams. So they go looking within and around the Organization for super achievers, and have them inducted on board. As any veteran can tell you, many a time, things get worse. Everything looks good for a while until the chemistry kicks in.

We are good at identifying people who have demonstrated high performance in the past. Are qualifications and track record sufficient indicators of future performance? This quest for predicting team performance is at the heart of Dr Meredith Belbin`s work of a lifetime, at Cambridge, UK. There in lies the genesis of the Belbin Team Role Methodology.

Nobody is perfect but a team can be. Belbin is the language, the gold standard method to discovering your behavioral contributions at work, and to leverage the power of teams in transforming performance of your Organization.

Read on or contact us to have a Belbin Accredited CERT Lanka Consultant call you back on how we can partner with you in transforming the performance of individuals and teams in your workplace, in ways that are sustainable and enduring.