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Team Role Reports

A team role is defined as 'a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way'. In the words of Dr Meredith Belbin, Team Roles serve "as a common meaningful language to bridge the gap between ourselves and our colleagues". The only accurate way to identify your Team Role preferences is by generating your personalized Belbin Report.

Information contained in Belbin Team Role Reports can be leveraged in selection of teams, matching people to jobs & jobs to people, conflict resolution, enhanced self-awareness, improving inter-personal relationships, leadership development and such people development initiatives. Team Reports are generated for teams of 3 to 15 people. Download a Complimentary sample Belbin Team Role Report here.

How can I buy my Belbin Team Role Report ?
When you leave your contact info contact us, CERT Lanka will come back to you with details about how you can purchase your Team Role Report. The process includes:

  • Purchasing your link by making an online payment through NEFT.
  • Accessing the link to record your self-perception. It takes 20 minutes.
  • While on the link, you will name 4 to 6 Observers who know you well in the workplace.
  • Observers will receive an online link to submit their feedback.
  • Interplace7 software will then process the self perception and observer assessments, to generate your Belbin Team Role Report. Interplace7 requires responses from a minimum of 4 Observers.

How do I make sense of my Belbin team Role Report?:
The Belbin Team Role Report generated by Interplace7 is easy to understand. Since the report talks about observations of day to day workplace behaviors, it is devoid of jargon. Download a Complimentary sample Belbin Team Role Report here.

How does CERT Lanka help me and my team leverage our Belbin Team Role Report to advantage?
At CERT Lanka, our Belbin Accredited Consultants are happy to help you & your team leverage your Belbin Team Role Report with the following services:

  • Interpretation of your Belbin Team Role Report, over a 60 minute one-to-one phone conversation, to help you see things in perspective.
  • Personalized one-to-one Coaching Support over three 60 minute phone conversations spread over 90 days, which will help you in creating your action plan for change, and following through on the progress you make against your plan.
  • Team Coaching sessions that help members of a team understand and appreciate one anothers Team Roles, and evolve action plans to maximize individual and team performance.

Please contact us for more information on how you can avail of these services, in transforming your own and your team's performance at work,.

Nobody is perfect but a team can be. Read on or contact us to have a Belbin Accredited CERT Lanka Consultant call you back on how we can partner with you in transforming the performance of individuals and teams in your workplace, in ways that are sustainable and enduring.

Team Role Reports

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